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Café au Lait Diaries Intro

Welcome to Café au Lait Diaries Holmbush Farm we come from a long line of farmers. Born and raised in Zimbabwe our grandparents had large working farms and our parents a market garden. We worked alongside our parents to grow and sell vegetables over the weekends. As teenagers, this was a nightmare but as soon as I moved into my own home. I remember annoying my mum after moving a passion fruit plant that she had planted by the door. In my eyes, this was the wrong place as the plant would be lethal. I guess I’m much the same now moving things about to suit the plant.

I love spending time in the garden and find it very therapeutic. The colors, textures, and smells make it a very motivating environment to work in. Summers are always busy and it’s really hard to feel low when you are out and about. I am a qualified nurse and enjoy making a difference in a person’s life when they are not well. I regularly encourage people to spend time outdoors and watch plants grow from a mere seed to full bloom.

The team comprises of my three children and Martha and her two children. Our husbands are our resident groundsmen and handymen always there to help 😊. We work well as a team and everyone works to their strengths. We also have a part-time florist who works on large orders, store bouquets events.

The flower garden was an overgrown field until 3 years ago, we dedicated ourselves to making it a sanctuary of plants people would love to visit. After 3 summers we have finally got the farm in shape and momentum ready for visitors.

As we embark on this exciting journey we hope to grow a community of other growers and flower lovers, the team will be sharing moments, learning experiences, and any exciting news from the farm with you on here and on all our socials @Holmbushflowers

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