Last day of winter 🎉

As the seasons prepare for their shift, we embrace the first signs of Spring. March humbly approaches with caution. We acknowledge the gently passing of winter with its cold mornings and its long dark days.

The snow has been and gone while the sun slowly begins to peak a little more and a bit longer. Our formal reminder, February is coming to an end.

As flower farmer we glee at the prospects of a brighter, hopeful Spring. Knowing we may soon be out and about again. Planting Bulbs and seeds clearing in preparation.

Taking slow walks around the farm, all you hear are the birds dancing above the skies and racing through the wind. With each step the air feels milder, gentler, and softer.

Taking a closer look at the ground, we are greeted by the seasons, in show! The Hellebore! One of the main outdoor flowers in its blossom. Despite the cold nights and the snow that once buried them. Still, they shine! The beauty that rises through the beast of winter delights like a rose in a glass. But with its shyness the Hellebore looks down, with a modest beauty. It is but a delight to see them smiling into the ground.

The Camellia shrubs rise too, some in bud whilst others are eager to greet the sun with their blossom. The daffodils slowly peak through, with their longer thicker strands, they come prepared for Spring. It is in the knowing, the subtle awareness, that hope is one the way. The long warm days are soon to come!

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